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Eyeliner tattoo

What is an Eyeliner Tattoo?

An eyeliner tattoo is a technique where an artist carefully and methodically places pigments to improve the shape of your eyes, make them look brighter and more awake. This technique is amazing for clients with poor eyesight, shaky hands, those who do not know how to apply, and seasonal or cosmetic allergy suffers. I, as an allergy sufferer am a religious eyeliner tattoo enthusiast. I love how it never smudges, makes my eyes look more open and diminishes the appearance of being tired.

Lash Enhancement

Natural Eyeliner

Designeer Eyeliner

Smoky Eyeliner


Eyelash Enhancement: $400 upper & $275 lower

A very subtle natural eyeliner placed only in between the eyelashes. Will give your lashes a fuller look and give a natural definition to your eyes.

Natural Eyeliner: $450 upper & $300 lower

A thin natural defined eyeliner without any tails or wings. Will give your eyes definition with a natural everyday makeup look.

Previously Tattooed or Corrective Eyeliner Procedure: $450 upper & $300 lower

This is for you if your current eyeliner work was not done by us. Work is accepted on case by case basis. Please schedule a consultation to ensure you are a candidate and before booking. Ready to book a Consultation Click HERE 


All new service appointments include:

  • Same day consultation consisting of designing, color choices, skin assessment and discussion about what can be achieved.
  • Numbing cream throughout the service
  • Initial session for the tattooing procedure
  • Aftercare Kit

Follow up appointments if needed are charged separately, for prices click on the Touch-ups price schedule.